Complete Project Management... From Start To Finish

All Steel Sheds is the only supplier in our local region to offer a complete project management solution for your project. From the moment you walk into our office until the moment you’re moving your possessions into your new shed, you will have one point of contact who will manage the entire process for you. All you have to do is sit back and relax, and watch your dreams come to life.

All of the trades and laborers who will work on your project are employed directly by All Steel Sheds, giving you peace of mind that the builders are ensuring your shed meets our standards and expectations and exceeds yours, as well as ensuring open and thorough communication amongst the trades coordinating a joint approach to the completion and quality of your project.

So from planning and design to council application and approval onto engineering certification, material order, consolidation and delivery whilst managing on site trades and services including random inspections by our foreman and safety officer, your project will be a breeze (but won’t come down in one) with us at All Steel Sheds.

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At All Steel Sheds, we pride ourselves on our open communication and excellent customer service. We provide a free site inspection service after your initial quote to ensure we make all the necessary allowances in your pricing to cover any extras there may be along the way. We don’t like dealing with unhappy customers or customers who feel they’ve been deceived when they discover “extra” costs that were always going to be there but weren’t disclosed in the quote. At All Steel Sheds, we are confident in the product we supply, the service we deliver and the quality we provide. We’ve been around for long enough to know any product you’re going to buy from us is a serious investment. We appreciate that you are going to get quotes from some other local suppliers – in-fact we encourage it! It keeps everyone honest. To make a good comparison, it’s always good to get “apples for apples” as they say which is why we’re more than happy to provide all of the details of our inclusions so you can take that and do your own investigating. Here’s a few things to look out for when comparing quotes:

If you live here, you’re a proud Aussie so make sure your shed will be too. Always ask to make sure the steel being used in your shed is Australian BlueScope Steel. That way you know it meets all Australian Standards, then you’re backed by the BlueScope warranty.

Make sure the correct Wind Rating and Terrain Category of the property you’re building your shed on has been taken into account during the design and engineering of your shed. Sometimes companies won’t give these particulars the attention they deserve, which could result in a decrease in steel strength and put the safety of anyone or anything in or near your shed at risk. Incorrect engineering could also result in your insurance not covering your investment.

With the erection of your new shed, make sure there have been allowances for safety precautions and requirements under your local legislation such as scaffold / scissor lifts or cranes. These are often costly extras and are required by law for the erectors to be compliant with WHS legislation. If your builders aren’t compliant and are taking shortcuts with their own safety, what other shortcuts are they taking when it comes to your build?

You don’t judge a book by its cover, so why judge a concrete slab by its surface? There are many extras to consider when getting your concrete slab quoted for your new shed. Engineering for the shed will specify the location of pad footings to ensure sufficient strength at the hold down point, thickened beams across roller doors to allow for added weight of anything that might be passing through the door. Has there been an allowance to prepare the ground to take the slab? Has there been an allowance for removal of spoil after earthworks? Has there been an allowance to include a concrete pump for those hard to reach places?

These are all valid queries to have when you’re spending a substantial amount of money.

The one you can trust

At All Steel Sheds, we truly pride ourselves in our custom designs and final products for our clients. It is our passion and priority to minimize hassle and build our clients a premium quality building well above their intended standard in a quick and efficient time frame and at the right price.


we fabricate our own
large frames in-house

Our heavy duty fabricated framed steel buildings are stronger, easier and quicker to erect, longer lasting, and more flexible in design and we fabricate them ourselves at our NSW based facility.

do it yourself or
let us do it for you

We complete sheds from start to finish using our own accredited in-house team, so you don’t have to deal with council or juggle tradies, or you can erect the building yourself.

custom design
is what we do

In addition to our fabricated web truss framed buildings, we also custom design fully bolted connection plated purlin framed garages and sheds. All our buildings are custom designed to suit our client’s needs.

value for

We custom design our buildings to suit our clients’ budget while maximising premium quality and build to comply with Council, the Australian Standards Association and the Building Code of Australia.


Not only do we fabricate our own large steel frames in NSW, but we also only use Australian made industrial grade steel.

30 years'
building experience

We have been building industrial, residential and rural buildings in the Hunter area for over 30 years.

We do more
than just sheds

We can do more than just build your shed and juggle council and tradies. We can include concreting driveways, mezzanines, internal fit outs and extras.

we deliver
to you

Based in Heatherbrae NSW, All Steel Sheds is proud to offer delivery Australia wide. We’ve partnered with some of the leading logistics companies of Australia as well as having our own localised delivery fleet.


Due to buildings all being custom designed, our materials are ordered to minimise wastage of off-cuts and wastage removal costs.